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Reply to "Video Brings Accusations of War Crimes: Marines Urinating on Corpses"

Mannnnn, Cholly ..... I recently found out that that is so true it ain't even funny !! 


A few months ago I started looking into a VA-sponsored program I found out about that pays someone (including family members) to be "caregivers" to Vets (mostly the now-older/senior WWIIs) who are in need of home care.  My Dad, at 85, is probably more healthy and fit than I am ... but, we figured we'd give a try, since he does (or did before we started seeing a chiropractor last month! ) uses a 'walking stick' to get around sometimes!


But, in researching the program and reading a myriad of articles on VA benefits programs, I ran across an article written several years ago that reported the scandalous and devious workings of Republican Party politics who at the time were penny-pinching government funds and trying to get out of the government's having to pay too much money for the care and treatment of returning and disabled Vietnam Vets.


They actually wrote and passed legislation that said that while the VA was not to deny care and treatment benefits for those Veterans, they were also not at liberty to OFFER or TELL the Vets about the programs available to them!!    In other words ... a Veteran had to ASK for the program, care or treatment after finding out about it on their own .... because the VA caseworkers (as government employees) were not supposed to just come out and TELL the vet what was available to him/her!! 


I COULD NOT even believe that!!!  I read that story about three times ... then had to do a little more research to find out if the story was 1) from a reputable source; and 2) true.  And .... come to find out ... it was VERY real!!


It took me DAYS to get past being pissed off about that!!    And, unfortunately, it's still in practice today (although a little more relaxed because of so many other organizations that are now dedicated to helping Vets find and get the benefits they DESERVE!!)


Mannnnnn ... I'm pissed off again just thinking about it!! 


But ...  you are sooooooo right.  So many of those returning from duty in Iraq1 and Afghanistan are too young ... and brainwashed ... and either do not believe they even have a problem .... or, are strong, capable and non-dependent enough to be able to handle it on their own.  It's not until they kill, shoot, harm, maim, abuse themselves or others that they are made to acknowledge that something is very, very wrong and needs to be treated.


And it's not over.  Because the fighting continues (in Afghanistan) ... we still have an influx of newly-returned Iraq soldiers still coming into the fold .... they still have yet to face the chronic homeless and jobless situation that awaits them .... and too many STILL don't know the extent to which they have lost their minds.