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Reply to "Video Brings Accusations of War Crimes: Marines Urinating on Corpses"

Originally Posted by Cholly:

The adverse affects of PTSD undiagnosed and the thousands of young military personnal who served during the 10 year war non-stop rotation after rotation witnessing death up close and personal 24/7, 365 and now after being on high mental alert each and every second of every day, now these soldiers/marines return back home not the same psychologically in all aspects.





My sentiments exactly, Cholly.


But this part, especially, is probably what pisses me off ... disturbs me most!!    Because only recently has the government/military even been WILLING to provide the accurate diagnosis of PTSD in these returning service members!!!  For the first years and years of this sio-called "war" the VA wouldn't even classify what these young, disturbed minds were experiencing as a "mental disorder."


Give them some Valium or Wellbutrin (anti-depressants), send 'em home, hope they don't come back, and call it a day. 


And then finally .... after YEARS of documented, ever-increasing numbers of "vets"/ex-Iraq and -Afghanistan soldiers coming home and killing themselves, wives, children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, acts of domestic violence, hostage-taking incidents, mentally-disturbed-induced homelessness, criminal acts of aggression landing them in jail in overflowing numbers .... then ... THEN ... the military decides to think about considering the fact that MAYBE there's a problem that might be serious enough to be addressed!!


It was just near the end of last year that only ONE branch of the service (and I think it was the Army) thought it might be prudent to do a STUDY on whether or not there was an unusual number of their members experiencing suicides .... although civilian studies CLEARLY show that it's not a matter of "if."  It's a situation that it IS happening.  Right now.  Today.


We have tens of thousands of "he came back a changed man" ex-Iraq and -Afghanistan soldiers on our streets living throughout the entire country today.  I shudder to think how many more will kill or be killed before the government/military chooses to figure that out.  And what, if anything, they can or will be able to do about it.


I don't think you can stuff that kind of genie back in the bottle ever again.