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Reply to "US: $3B to end royalty dispute with Indian tribes"

If the tribes were not their own sovereign entities, are you saying (or do you believe) that there would not have been this "payoff"??---EbonyRose


I mean, technically, it comes from a lawsuit AND an incurred debt - (for damages inflicted by the government) - between nations.  The only difference between us and Native Americans (as far as such damages go) is that they were allowed to become a separate nation of people ... and we were not.---EbonyRose


The American Indian Nations were not 'allowed' to become...

The American Indian Nations existed before Europeans arrived.

The United States recognizes the American Indian nations, because they could not 'make them go away' force...war.

Thus the United States entered into a treaty with the various nations as each such determination was made.

The damages can be quantified precisely because there is a document specifying obligations.

A good part of the reason why a payout of "reparations" is unlikely, but a payout of "payment" is even possible, is due to the sovereignty issue of Indian Nations.---Ebonyrose


So, I'm wondering ... if they were just 'hung out there' as we are, without a legal umbrella of 'sovereignty' covering them ... do you think this 'compensation' would have still happened?---EbonyRose

Absolutely not.

I think that, at best, those nations would still be trying to get a federal court judge to agree that they even had a case.

Let take this opportunity point out that this obstacle was the reason I began my task with establishing an African American-American identity with the design of a flag.

Second: I created an entity...dedicated to the re-establishment of ancestral nationality.

Third:  I declared African American as an ethnicity the members of such ethnicity being American citizens.

There is an 'infrastructure' that has to exist when you want to 'get into the game'.


Jim Chester