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Reply to "Urban Leagaue's Report on Black America"

"In my opinion, when (and if) we finally realize that we need to spend money among ourselves, --(for the interest of ourselves)....we begin on a road of economic uplift. It does not take an urban league report, a commission to study it or the US government to implement it..... FIRST,WE (as a people) need to start to keeping each other accountable. We seriously need to keep each other in check for how we spend """OUR""""money. We need to get into the mentality that it's not 'MY' money but the 'communities' money. We have become a materialistcally driven people, obsesed with the hedonistic images that the mass media tells us are real. We go out of our way to buy chit that depreciates down to nothing the minute we walk out of the store. Instead of investing for future generations, we are too selfish, buying $6000 rims that don't do a damn thing but gleam in the sun, buying 20 and 30 pairs of tennis shoes at $80 - $100 dollars a pair. Breaking our necks to run to the koreans to get our nails painted, and to the indians 7/11 store to buy our '40s'. We'll spend hundreds of dollors on weed and won't spend a damn dime on a book about smart investing. Our young people are lost as hell, not knowing their ass hole from a hole in the sidewalk,...with their idea of being a black man is demeaning women, calling each other ni&&er on a record and bragging about how thugish they are and how much gold and silver is hanging around their necks and stuck on their teeth and robbin and killing each other for insignificant petty reasons.... Our little girls having babies and not even being able to take care of themselves, let alone an infant. Becoming grandmothers at the age of 33 and grown assed men still living off their mothers or so called girlfriends. And oh how we go along and glorify it all as 'keeping it real', and as someone posted in another thread...."Ghetto" has become the thang to be. So the first thing we need to do is start pointing all this chit out....emphasizing, day in and day out how backwards it is. We need to stop modeling the sorts of behaviors that have proven time and time again to only dig us deeper into pits of despair. Secondly, we need to start buisnesses....independently and collectively. And I'm not talking about some little rib shack, hotdog stand or beauty/barber shop either. We need to get into manufacturing, producing, farming, owning grocery stores, health care conglomerants, owning sports and entertainment corporations THEN be responsible stewards of these enterprises ---not like BET for example (whos majority programming is a mindless, pointless, waste of energy). We need to start hiring and not have to rely of being hired, producers instead of always being consumers and leaders instead of always looking for some group or sombody to lead us. Damn the government, Damn the NAACP, Damn all these 'so called' black leaders who cannot even get together on one accord, and set one collective goal or agree on an appropriate agenda. We need to start keeping ouselves accountable for the poor choices some of us make.....identify it, and then 'as a community' condemn that chit! We need to stop worring about Mr. Charlie and start focusing on the uplift of our own station in amerika. And if we do that.....we'll never have to worry about Mr. Charlie again. Money talks.......that other stuff walks. Hell, mexicans ain't took a damn thing away from us.......we're just content to sit back a squander it all away. Go into ANY urban community in'll find hispanic stores popping up left and right....they are hiring their own, you'll see indian establishments, asian enterprises all looking out for themselves. BUT us, we'll pass by a brothers struggling business to go to the koreans shop to get a jar of grease JUST because it's twenty cents cheaper. Those of us who have the education, connections and skills spend too much time in narcissitic showboating: basking in the 'hey ya'll--look at me', I work for corporate amerika and I drive a Beamer, I have made it' malarkey...we have got to get busy yall. The government aint gonna do it for us, neither is the naacp, urban league, Farrakhan, Cornel West,....not even these mega churches with your T.D. jakes, Creflo Dollar and all the rest of them. NO my brothers and sisters, we are gonna have to do it ourselves. When I sojourned to the million man march,...I was sooo filled with hope and enthusiastic zeal. It was one of the best days of my life, but after the gloss has dulled and now that reality has set in, I have to conclude that Not A Damn Thing Came Of the Million Man March but a bunch of good feelings! But We can at least get that spirit up again, and this time do something!!!! Hey brother minister, what happend to all that money ya'll raised up there at the MM March? Hell, I want my chit back!" by Scalder

I couldn't agree with you more, and Black people more so than any "racism" on the part of Caucasians, or otherwise, make Black people their own worst enemy.

Indeed far too many of our preachers, and leaders are a disgrace. Furthermore far too many in our own community continue to praise misfits and nitwits!

The Greatest Enemy to the Black Community is the Black Community Itself!


Michael Lofton


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