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Reply to "'Uncle Tom' Remark Exposes Pain in Black Community"

@ Cholly .....

No offense, but .... I think you're trying to be waaaaayyyyy to nice/civil/"politically correct"/socially (and conversationally) conservative about this!!!

But let's just call the spade exactly what it is, here!! 

You can look back at the Duke basketball roster going back several decades and see that they are an elitist, holier-than-thou institution that thinks they're too good to offer a scholarship to the likes of a Jalen Rose ... or anybody else in like circumstances!!    Period.  Plain.  And as simple as that!!

"Coach K" would probably NOT give a scholarship to Rose's kids ... based on who their daddy is .. regardless of their socioeconomic status at the time of recruitment!!  As you said before .... E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y - who knows anything about college ball, recruitment, and the system - knows what's up when it comes to these kinds of schools!!  All those sports commentators, the fans that were watching, anybody else involved in the conversation, and even a whole bunch of folks that weren't ... KNOW why Mike Krzyzewski and his athletic director choose to recruit in the manner they do!!

It's no secret ... and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

As a private institution, they can recruit and choose their students however they want ... and nobody has anything to say about it!!  But ... you're absolutely, 200% right that somebody SHOULD have asked "what da problem is?!?!" 

Why do all of their Black players "fit the (similar) profile"??  Why Hill and not Rose??  Why the appearance of a racist, elitist recruitment system ... if there isn't one??? 

And why didn't they ask??  Because in a racist, elitist environment ... you're just not supposed to.   And so nobody did.  But ... inquiring minds wanna know!!