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Reply to "'Uncle Tom' Remark Exposes Pain in Black Community"

Quote by nuggyt: " Duke has standards in place and they choose their students accordingly. Some of them so just so happens to be Black."

But is it fair?

As I stated, there was negativity thrown his way (by Jalen Rose & Jimmy King) in regards to this issue and as a continuation of the story, ESPN decided to carry it for one and a half weeks as a hot topic of discussion.

And since they did that regarding the issue being discussed (stereotype & preception) in this situation was the Duke University basketball program (and not so much about Grant Hill being called the toxic buzzword "Uncle Tom" or a "bitch" on the basketball court during competition by then, two 18 year old kids who told their truth as adults that grabbed everyone's attention and got this whole thing started) and their selection process and standards of how and why they recruit certain Black players which may a bit different and not pertain the same at all to the White players they recruit (it maybe an unspoken or unwritten rule in which you may never find out) that they select in regards to the stereotype or preception of a Black athlete, then sports media, do a complete 360, go directly to the source in order to get a clarification since it was such a hot topic and that person is (1) Duke's athletic director and especially (2)Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

And that recruiting standard (as a preception or stereotype) could also be in regards to selection for all Duke athletic teams because as you make a collective decision of who to choose and offer a full athletic scholarship, it's easy to say upon complete comparsion, analysis, discussion & review, that "Black player A and Black player B are both equal: quality students, have the same or similiar high academic standards and accomplishments coming out of high school, have the same or very similiar basketball skills that fit Duke basketball and it's style of play, both have not had any problems in regards to their behavior, attitudes or problems in their personal lives or the lives of their parents or relatives but the one difference and determining factor would/could be where one player is from: livelihood, location, family background, family academic achievement and socioeconomic status which gives the preception that one selectee is much better than the other based soley on those family standards and not basketball skill or ability to academically do the work in the classroom, thus saying and assuming that in the case of Jalen Rose (from the ghettos of Detriot, Michigan) and Grant Hil (from the affulent suburbs of Dallas, Texas), that one player based on family background and accomplishment with everything else being equal, is better equipped than the other.

Preception: one is and has been better "suited, represented and molded as a person" than the other.

As we already know, corporation and businesses make those decisions all the time in regards to who they hire and who they promote, especially when it comes to Blacks who are equally or much more educated, skilled and qualified that their White counterparts but don't get the job or promotion based on "where and who I relate to better or who's more like me"...The same could possibly be said about Duke and their recruiting practices of Black players because at the end of the day, it is a business and many of those determining decisions of who to select are not written but knowingly among the decision makers, unwritten.

And as Jalen Rose stated, Duke won't recruit me but they will recruit my kids". (maybe not now after this but you know what I'm sayin')

IMO, the media fell short of doing just that. The story was there in order for them to go forward and they probably chose not to.
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