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Reply to "'Uncle Tom' Remark Exposes Pain in Black Community"

Quote by ER: "Why blame Grant Hill (or any other Black Duke player) for what seems more like the prejudiced/bigoted/racist practices of DUKE UNIVERSITY ... and not the (Black) players they pursue to recruit?!?!"

Well it seems that after all the interest, the numerous week and a half long discussions on ESPN, other sports talk shows, sports radio and other numerous sport writers and analysts regarding Jalen Rose' comments to include Jalen Rose himself, no one bothered to interview or ask the man at the center of the debate in regards to Duke basketball recruiting; Duke's athletic director Kevin White and Duke's head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, the man totally responsible for the nit-picking, selection and the recruiting of those "certain type" of Black players. He's been Duke head basketball coach since 1980.

He is also the coach of the United States men's national basketball team, whom he led to a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

Mike Krzyzewski

It seems that in the world of Div I college basketball and sports overall, Mike Krzyzewski has the prime seat next to God (or the Devil) and has the option to eat from the same plate and despite all the hoopla about this issue, nobody dared to thread those waters; ask a question, make a comment or conduct and interview with him about the apparent what, when, how or why this issue seems to be (even if it's untrue) the case with Duke University basketball.

Jalen Rose and his teammates aren't the only ones across college basketball who notice this trend and it seems odd because news journalists see it also and I thought that they love no matter who it is, to dig and expose the dirt in the sports world no matter where it lies; to live and die for the juicy story swirling with controversy.

But this guy? Nada.

They talked about this ad nauseum and his name wasn't even brought up or uttered once during all those discussions as a possible cause of racist practices (they just kept it "Black") so IMO despite all the curosity and tidbits of information about any sports figure that for good or bad, make the sports headlines, this guy seems to be "Mr. Mafia" untouchable in regards to any type of negativity being thrown his way regarding this issue by anybody: sports writers or analysts and especially since this hotly contested debate continues to remain hot.
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