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Reply to "Uncle Ruckus Exit Poll"

That is a good question. I would like to know, Black people should know these things, what we think and what White people and others think. 


I personally think Black people are too pushy for equality, since I do not believe in a such a concept .I can't even conceive of it logically. I believe either you have power or you don't. Either you are superior or inferior. Not we gonna go share power together. Or we gonna share superiority together. 


I never understood the concept to fight to be even with somebody. Be better. Fight for dominance, if you fighting to be equal than you might as well not fight at all because only people that wanna be equal are the people that are looking at at those who are superior and want to be on level of the superior.


Nobody who is superior and looking down at the inferior wants to be equal with the inferior and will do everything possible to NOT be inferior.


No rich man drives past the soup line wishing he could be equal with the homeless nor does he wish to compete with the homeless for his position. He'll donate to the homeless but he don't wanna be equal with the homeless in anyway possible. 


To be honest I think very few understand it means to be equal nor do anybody clarifies since equality is such an abstract concept when applied to living beings and not numbers.


First of all to desire to be equal, means there has to be somebody that you feel  is superior to you. To desire to be equal with somebody you have to feel less than or you wouldn't want to be equal. You have inferior outcomes and inferior living conditions compared to the people or person you are comparing yourself to.


I am pretty sure all of us want to be equal with Bill Gates.  


Second, when talking about equality, the superior is not thinking of joining the inferior. The superior is speaking of the inferior joining them in superiority. No White person is thinking about joining us in the ghetto when talking about equality. 


Third, the superior naturally wants to distance themselves from the inferior and the inferior naturally wants to get closer to the superior. There's a reason why when White people are moving into Black ghetto, Black people are being forced out. When Black people are moving into the White suburbs, White people are moving out. We literally chase White people all over the USA and they keep running away from us. 


More Black people talk about equality, the further away White people will distance themselves from us. They are making new cities. They are making new school districts - just for them. They are trying to pass new laws like the street harassment law when they move into the ghetto so Black people can't talk to them. 


More we talk about equality, White people distance themselves. When we weren't talking about equality aka in slavery, we lived with White people. Even while enslaved they passed all kinds of laws and social norms to keep the distance between us and them. But at least we were geographically closed to them. We were entrusted to take care of their children and their livelihood. 


That's just a historical and political observation. White people have no desire to be equal to us in any capacity because they won't even share a street or a neighborhood with us en masse. They don't even want to be in the same school.


White people don't wanna share inferiority with us. 


Fourth, we never discuss is it equality of outcomes or equality of opportunity...which is very odd. It's just equality. We never talk about the implications of equality. We never talk about what economists and sociologists with very little bias say about equality and even if it is possible. (Which its not for all intents and purposes. We have a hierarchy for a reason.) It's just equality. 


Fifth, I think Equality has became a religion instead of a political philosophy. If you don't believe in equality then you are a horrible person. If you do believe in equality, you are most likely a decent human being. If you ask anybody what it means to be equal, what would an equal society look like, we what would be the implications of equality - it's something vague like


"We'll be able to do whatever we want."


Like go ask somebody about god and they can't even explain it to you but they believe in it and want you to believe it. That's equality. 


I think all of us got a good idea that life is about ultimately competition because spend most of our lives competing to be better than everybody else. We are introduced to competition at a young age. In school and sports. Then we become adults and we are introduced to competition with our jobs and paychecks and acquiring material items.


But then when it comes to politics...there's equality...which means absolutely nothing to most of us but it just sounds so good in the face all of this competition and obvious effects of it - inequality - that we want to believe it simply out of naivety or an inferiority complex or a guilty conscience or all three.





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