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Reply to "UN Refuses to Compensate Cholera Victims in Haiti"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  Looks like it.  But I think this denial is the beginning of the crumblin of the UN's human rights portion of its purpose.  And especially since it's their workers that CAUSED the disease in the first place....I think that's a little ARROGANT.  Just do.  Cuz really...what is the GOAL of the UN alway?  Is it to provide support to people in despair?  Even if and particularly if THEY are the ones responsible for adding onto their alway devestating "despair?" me?  That don't make no gDamn sense!!!  They NEED to train their people sanitation techniques when they work in under developed human conditions.  What's WRONG with these people?  Well folks. this is the first brick of their dismantlement.   But!


Actually, Ms. Koco .... if the U.N. DID give up it's 'human rights' advocacy ... it wouldn't HAVE a purpose!!    Going into countries and trying to help them in humanitarian ways is the ONLY thing they (can) do even remotely successfully.  


The UN has no "teeth" when it comes to 'world policing' or it's (intended) mission of "peace" or as a "peace-maker" .... so, the only thing they do that truly makes a difference is their work in poor countries ... providing food, medicine and health care ... having monitors that report back to "the world" (those who are listening, anyway) ...and TRY to help those less fortunate.


BUT ... for the most part, the U.S. is the biggest (financial) contributor to the U.N. ... and we don't pay all the money we pledge. (And neither does any other country).  The U.N. has no "army" ... and the various "troops" that make up their "force" (donated by the member-countries) generally have no weapons and do not get involved in armed conflicts.  


They can't really MAKE any country DO anything!  There's supposed to be agreement between members that they will abide by "U.N. law" ... but as you can see ... that "agreement" is shaky at best ... and more powerful countries do what they want to do .. and don't do what they don't want to do ... anytime they feel like it.


So ... the ONLY and BEST thing that the U.N. does is in the way of "humanitarianism" .... and while they SHOULD be responsible for any bad or destructive things that are caused by whoever they send to other countries to supposedly "help" them out .... they really don't have the money to "fix" any problems they cause ... nor do they have any real "authority" to protect themselves or those under their control.


In a lot of ways there are a "name only" type of organization.  And the reason why I don't think they will "crumble" for this ... is that there's really nothing else they're good for except this kind of thing.  But ... they kinda "have to" do it (even when mistakes are made) .... 'cause there's nobody else to do it!!  Nor .. anything more they can do.