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Reply to "Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" is#1"

Originally posted by Vox:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by TruthSeeker:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Vox:
Scenes with that kind of goofy pandering played out through the whole movie, and on a couple of occasions I noticed a couple of filmic emphasis techniques (I studied a bit of this in college) that led me to believe that it was intent, and not just lack of talent, that led Tyler Perry to do some of this. It was just so transparent and vacuous. I don't expect a lot of agreement from people, but you asked, so I answered.

~I agree with you, Vox. Some scenes, like the one on the plane, were a tad over the top and therefore not realistic at all. Fellow citizens aren't quite THAT bad, that NO ONE in the immediate vicinity (the seats in front of, behind, across the aisle) would speak up about the rude policy. SOMEBODY around would have *gasped* just as we in the audience did, I'm sure. I would hope so anyway.

And how about the scene on the train. Waaaaaay over the top! But, I guess there's a method to T.P.'s madness. LOL! Anybody in the watching audience even REMOTELY like that woman in their real lives would HAVE to have been squirming in their collective theatre seats, not to mention hiding their toes! I suppose by being cheesey, he makes sure he doesn't go over anyone's head (like the very impressionable young).

But, aside from being dumbed down like that, I really enjoyed it. I knew I wasn't going to the art house to see an indie film, so I wasn't disappointed. I love his plays, too. He really knows who's watching and I just think that he's very skilled at keeping that in mind when he goes "cheese".

There were LOTS of points made that would make great threads on the Dating Forum!

- Do you tell if you find out that your friends mate is cheating on him/her?

- Men, do any of you find BBW attractive. Are you able to concentrate on their personality?

- Women, do you emasculate your men by using your money
against them?

- Women, do you loudtalk/overtalk your men?

- Men, do you overly criticize your mates flaws? Do you step to others when they do the same to her?

-Women do you ever use sex as a weapon?

-How long have you (men/women) gone without sex in one stretch?

-Do you pray?

-Guys, do you really talk like that when you are together (get up close and personal with each others' business the way that women do with each other)?

-Regarding professional ethics (not to mention being close friends), do you keep secrets that have the potential to cause physical harm?

-If you are friends with a couple, how do you pick which one to be the most loyal to? It's probably guy to guy and girl to girl, right?

etc., etc.... a waterwell of issues! Eek Let me stop! I'm getting carried away! LOL!