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Reply to "Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" is#1"

Originally posted by Vox:
Scenes with that kind of goofy pandering played out through the whole movie, and on a couple of occasions I noticed a couple of filmic emphasis techniques (I studied a bit of this in college) that led me to believe that it was intent, and not just lack of talent, that led Tyler Perry to do some of this. It was just so transparent and vacuous. I don't expect a lot of agreement from people, but you asked, so I answered.


TP is not a newbie to story writing and when I saw that airplane scene, and the subsequent scene with her driving down the highway, praying, mouthing "I'm going to save my marriage..." peering down the highway and over the horizon, I'm saying to myself, "TP, c'mon bruh.. this is about some cheesy shit right here!"

Then I thought about the lack of accountability..and then that is what pisses me the fuck off!! Mad

All of the people in my circle of friends are married, (Except yours truly...the only divorcee) and have been for a long time and THERE. IS. NO. WAY. IN. HELL.. that any of my homeboys (or their wives) would gloss over the cruel treatment of any of the women in my circle of friends like these sorry assed people did!

These are "supposedly" all best friends since college (the transitory period where you form many of your lifelong friendships) and you mean to tell me that ain't nobody got the balls to get in this fools face and MAKE HIM (not suggest) him take his mistress back home???!!!

Pure cheese. Limburger cheese at that!