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Reply to "Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" is#1"

Originally posted by Vox:
I hate to get into it, because I'm sure I'm gonna sound snobbish. But basically, almost everything that happened in that movie seemed designed intentionally to elicit a certain emotional response from a viewer who either lacks interest in exercising some discernment or who doesn't know how to. Scenes designed to make you go, "Gasp! Oh, that's so terrible! The airline made Jill Scott get off the plane because she's too fat, and her husband stayed on the flight with his girlfriend and told her to drive instead! Oh, goodness, that's so mean of him! Poor Jill! She should leave him and find somebody better! You need to build your self-esteem, girl!" Never mind how absurd the whole scene was, and how absurd it was that she actually did drive.

Scenes with that kind of goofy pandering played out through the whole movie, and on a couple of occasions I noticed a couple of filmic emphasis techniques (I studied a bit of this in college) that led me to believe that it was intent, and not just lack of talent, that led Tyler Perry to do some of this. It was just so transparent and vacuous. I don't expect a lot of agreement from people, but you asked, so I answered.


At the risk of sounding like a snob too ... Eek

Yes. It sounds like there was intent ... and that Tyler Perry is not lacking in * skill * ...

... but * talent * can do better. In fact, it strives to do better.

Taking my snobbish behind back on out of here. Big Grin