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Reply to "Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" is#1"

Originally posted by TruthSeeker:
I saw it Saturday night, and thought it was a nice, "feel good" movie.

Jill Scott actually stole the movie, IMO. She showed more range as an actress than I thought she had. Janet Jackson was ok (but fine to watch, as were some of the other actresses.)

The storyline was somewhat predictable, but it had several comical, enjoyable, and uplifting moments.

I'll likely add it to the DVD collection when it comes out.

I'm leaving to go see it in an hour. . .thanks for the heads up. tfro

I'm always happy to see so many BLACK ACTORS on the big screen and who else provides that?

Usually, whenever there's a black person in the leading role, the supporting character or LOVE INTEREST is always 'white' or hispanic or asian.

As far as I'm concerned, T. Perry gets kudos from me for simply showing BLACK LOVE (sorta speak). . .

. . .in other words, black people with BLACK PARTNERS or BLACK LOVE INTERESTS or a BLACK FAMILY.

If other people can do better than what Tyler is doing, I'd like to see them try.

Or maybe send him a script or something. . .

He seems like an open-minded kinda guy. Smile