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Reply to "Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" is#1"

Originally posted by kresge:
I would really be interested in hearing people's thoughts about Tyler Perry in general. I must confess that I have only seen one Tyler Perry product, Madea's Family Reunion, and that was under duress. I had real problems with what I perceived to be less than one dimensional caricatures of African Americans. I have refrained from watching anything else associated with Perry's name. I realize that his work is popular, but that does not necessarily mean that it is good. Am I missing something?

I happen to like Tyler Perry! Smile And I like him much more personally than I do his movies/plays. So far the only one of his productions that I've liked all the way through was "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and I enjoyed a lot of "Daddy's Little Girls" too.

However, the couple of his plays I've seen and the other movies always leave me ... a little unsatisfied, i guess I would say. Its hard to find a comedy that is truly "funny" to me .. and his are no exception. sck

However, I agree with what Yemaya has said about him. He comes from a highly Christian-value side of things and that is reflected in everything he does. But, I respect him highly for being a Black man with a vision/dream and making it come true. I respect him for staying true to his values .. even if I find them a little offbeat. He is a Black man in it for Black people .. and gives a lot of Black actors who would otherwise not be working a job. He highlights the excellence of Black talent in all of his works ... and has not gained his success by selling his soul to the Devil! Eek

I have been hearing his name mentioned in the same breath with the word "Oscar" and, though I haven't seen this movie, from the one's I've seen, I don't really think his works are ready for that (but then again, they gave those awards to Halle and Denzel for roles that were not worthy, so, maybe talent and not substance is the criteria for which they are given out! Eek).

But, if there is an award for personal character and integrity ... I think Tyler should receive it ... he has certainly exhibited more than a lot of other Black actors/producers .. and gives back to his people. And I think that's commendable! Smile