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Reply to "Two Families Named McCain. Candidate's Kin Share a History With Descendants of Slaves."

And it almost never fails that the black set claims a biological tie, while the white set distances themselves from claiming kinship with the black Barkers. Wouldn't it be funny if DNA could establish the legal right for thousands of black Barkers to inherit the land and other tangible assets, while the white Barkers are fretting over reparations?---negrospiritual

I always liked the way you think.

DNA just might change the whole leverage of Reparations.

Wouldn't it something if selected persons were to submit their DNA as a basis for joining the resolution of a will of a selected descendant with a claim as a family heir:

We all know that those relationships are there.

In fact, to do this does not have to be dependent on 'Reparations'.

This leverage will be made more viable with the passage of a DNA Registry Law.

Oh my...Oh my!!!

Whatchu sayin' Louis???????


Jim Chester