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Reply to "Two Families Named McCain. Candidate's Kin Share a History With Descendants of Slaves."

QUOTE from Negrospiritual: "can't say I'm surprised. There are towns sprinkled all across the south where there are 2 sets of people with the same last names. A black set of Barkers, and a white set of Barkers. Among the black set, it's widely understood how this came to be, even if it's not mentioned in polite company. This is the case with my own family's surname.

"And it almost never fails that the black set claims a biological tie, while the white set distances themselves from claiming kinship with the black Barkers. Wouldn't it be funny if DNA could establish the legal right for thousands of black Barkers to inherit the land and other tangible assets, while the white Barkers are fretting over reparations?"

NS, feel ya on that one. Thw White half don't want anything to do with it. They are afraid and they honestly think that you may want something from them or that will take them to court. 20

Back in my hometown, I just completed my family tree a few months ago and after months of research, I found the White Brown's and back in the day the Black Brown's farmed land; share cropped cotton, tobacco etc and now, my brother actually works for one of the White Browns (Brown's BBQ) and they both know the history but that's all it is, just history.

One of my goals was to try and complete the Brown "family tree" circle with the past & current White Brown's (I have all their family names, past until the present, through research) but getting them to actually talk to me, at the moment, is a roadblock.

The younger folks of the White Brown's are game but the elderly? Hell no. And the weird part, they are actually researching their own family tree! Hell, I got all their info!

I made a call. Old White lady, speechless, went silent on the phone, denied and would not admit to anything (told me "I think that you don't know what you're talking about) and hung up on me. 19 20 .

Biggest problem? asking questions and digging up the past without harming my brother's job, but it's all just a matter of time. tfro