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@Norland posted:

We're mean as hell against each other, but have NEVER been as mean against them as they have us. They've hung, kneed, drowned, fed to crocodiles, thrown a couple in animal zoos, murdered us in every way possible. We just smile and grin and keep asking for more. Lots of us just love these fuckers. Lots even have them as parents to their children. I have that in my family, but it's not me!!

We're never going to get away from these fuckers. Where are we going to go?? Our asses are all retarded from these 400 years; who wants us?? I've never been surrounded by all black people in my entire life. I wouldn't know what the hell to do living in the projects, or living in a big city for that matter. I like white singers, enunciate like them, so much so, my daughter calls me "Whitie." That's not cute.

We're stuck with these bastards until we die. They're not going anywhere nor are we. So, we'll have a race war!! We've been warring for 400 years. We just haven't SHOT BACK or sicced the Rottweilers on them.

True, it won't be just black blood that will be spilled, but they're the majority of fake Americans, and we'll be the biggest losers.

These fuckers are professionals at killing people. They've had practice worldwide. They;rte murdering somewhere in the world every second. That's what the "military" does.

When they wipe all humanity off the earth, whatever animals remain, will rule the roost. Trees, rust, and skeletons will shine under the sun and the moon. 

For what, really???? We'll all just be a heap of funky corpses. Worldwide.

We may or may not be the biggest losers, minority or not.   

The one "with nothing left to loose" will always be more formidable fighter and the most underestimated.

Contrary to America's racists banking on it, It is very unlikely that we would have to fight such a battle/war alone.  Even if we did have to fight alone, we won't go down without a fight; without a fight like no other, a fight like the world has never seen.

Win or loose, we will have Justice, Divinity and the Spirits of our Ancestors on our side. 

So, if thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, of America's racists are willing to die, just to take us out,  .  . .  because contrary to their ignorant beliefs, you can't take out close to 50Million people without taking out a big chunk of your own.

Fifty Million "death-struck", 'since we're gonna die anyway', 'Kamikaze' fighters.

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