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Oh! Does he mean that part about Africans being in AmeriKKKa some 51,700 years ago? Remember the Bering Strait and Europe were both frozen under ice so there were no Non-black people roaming the Planet! In fact, Non-black people didn't began to populate the Earth until some 4,000 - 6,000 years ago. Black people have always been here!

(Source: The First Americans Were Africans by Dr. David Imhotep, Pages 13-16)

New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago

White Wolf : New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago


One of the biggest problems humanity faces today, is the fact that the vast majority of people on this planet do-not-know-their-history.

The reason that White politicians, psychopaths and anarchists are able to reek havoc on this planet and segments of the human race, is because White people don't know THEIR history; not their TRUE history. 

If they did, they would know that the powers-that-be, the oligarchs, plutocrats, and chosen-few, brainwashed and socially conditioned Racial Hatred into the brains of their ancestors, who have merely parroted and regurgitated it into their descendants.

Teaching, brainwashing and socially conditioning White people [actually poor White people] into believing in a mythology like "White Supremacy" was nothing but a divide and conquer[i.e., Divide And Rule] tactic.

This "tactic" was used in humanity's most recent history by the far outnumbered Oligarch, Plutocrat, Plantation Class(es) to drive a wedge between poor Whites and enslaved [and Free] Blacks, [fill-in-the-blank non-White group/race] to keep the two groups from banning together to overthrow the [minority] ruling class(es).

This same tactic is still used today, for the same reason(s).

But, since White people don't know their history, [don't know their TRUE history],  Oligarchs, Plutocrats, the Ruling Class, the Corptocracy, and Meglomaniacs [i.e. Chosen Few] like Trump, will always have them at their disposal to make them "go back to it" over and over, and over and over again, [against their own interest(s)] for the perpetual use of the ruling class.



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