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Reply to "TRUMP'S TAX & BUDGET PLANS: ... for millionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education."

Momentum posted:

Corporate Democrats want to get in on looting the country too just like Republicans are doing on a scale of TRILLIONS! The tax cut is not 1.5 Trillion it is 6 Trillion did any of you knew that? Now ask why it is not common knowledge? They are transferring 6 trillion in tax cuts to the rich and corporations and raising 4.5 trillion from average Americans while leaving 1.5 trillion unaccounted for so they can say the country cannot afford Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and will be an excuse to sell all the assets, land water all the commons, the whole country will be private assets of a few billionaires and a few corporations.


Want to 'get in on', hell, they are already in on the exact same thing that republicans are 'in on', and have been for a long time now.

This is why you don't here democrats speaking on any issues; why you don't see democrats on [so called] 'news' shows addressing any issues, why you have seen ANY democrat utter a damn syllable about all the the racist police muders of Black people in America, including Black democrats.

It is also why you don't see or hear a damn thing Democrats have to say about how republicans have beenraping our Constitution, Laws and their Interpretations.

Democrats are taking BRIBES money from the exact same campaign "donors" as republicans, which make democrats just as much corporate puppets as republicans.

Hell, you barely hear any democrats having anything to say about Trump's atrocious ass.

So, now when you vote Democrat [with the exception of a chosen few], this is what you get as far as representing and fighting for the best interest of the American people: