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Reply to "Trapping a Man"

Originally posted by El Tigre:
The whole nature of how western women love is entrapment.

Why do you think they put on so much make-up and fake shit? To trap and man.

Then, she gets him and he gets to watch her ass drop when she takes off those tight stretch-pants, bumps and discoloration on her face when she removes the make-up, breasts drop when the bra is gone (smaller, too), she's ALOT shorter without those heels, hair texture is actually coarser than it looks once she sweats out her perm or removes her weave, she don't really smell like that if she don't keep a bottle of something handy, her lips ain't NEARLY as succulent without gloss, no fingernails once they pop off, etc.

It's the biggest lie and the single most dishonest thing in our society - we don't even know what you really look like.

lol what a load of bs
...and you claim "all my women have degrees" in another post... laugh what in?
If you prefer women ungroomed, unkempt, and make-up free just say so, not go on with this nonsense.