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Reply to "Trapping a Man"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
What is going on in this thread?!?! TRAP A MAN?!?! What would possess a woman to "get pregnant" to keep a man? The better question is what the Hell would possess a man to repeatedly splash off inside a woman without protection if he doesn't want kids! She doesn't get pregnant by herself.

My mother always says: "If you're having sex, you want kids." Unless you live in a cave in Tora Bora somewhere, you know what sex leads to and that there's a chance that by doing what you are doing, you could produce a child. So there's no excuses or suprises about it.

Don't want kids? Stop fucking.
Spouse wants kids and you don't? Get a divorce.
If you give in? Tough shit. Better luck next lifetime.
Tis quite simple.

No sympathy from me for people who claim to be all oppressed 'n shit because they produced a child by that strange, mystical method shrouded in secrecy, of..... *drumroll*..... having heterosexual sex.

Exactly !!!