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Reply to "Trapping a Man"

The idea of "trapping" a man, in my view, is yet another sexist concept used to excuse men from the responsibility of avoiding irresponsible sex. A MAN does not make excuses or expect others to reap the consequences of his actions. A MAN acknowledges his contribution to the consequence and plans a course of action.

Yes BUT what IS irresponsible sex?
Sex without a condom, certainly. But condoms or IUD's aren't a 100% guarantee contraceptive against pregnancy - and neither is the Pill.

Trapping is a desperate and stupid tactic, but let's face it, it does still happen.

However, in my view it IS still the woman's body and therefore the woman's responsibility to make sure she is using contraceptives.

Some women do decide to fall pregnant (consciously or unconsciously) hoping this will endear the male, forge a lifelong connection, or make him feel responsible/tied to her. It's pathetic, but it does happen.

And aside from using condoms (which aren't totally reliable) how does a man really know? He has to trust the woman.