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Reply to "Trapping a Man"

Originally posted by MidLifeMan:
In this day and age you would think this wouldn't go on. But having experienced it and seen it happen to other family member and friends.

I watched an episode of Dr. Phil and it had women who got pregnant to "trap" their husbands. Of course the husbands now resent her and the marriage. I've seen women who are married and the husband is not ready for children but they "beat him up" until he gives in only to resent having to give up personal wants for the child.

So is this a sign of mental illness? What possess a grown woman ( not just young girls) to deliberately get pregnant or lie about her desires for children. Confused

Trapping a man into marriage is a game that white women play. No black woman, that I know of would do anything like that. Let's face it, if a black woman becomes pregnant by a man, HE IS NOT GOING TO MARRY HER.

White people usually tie the knot for the sake of the child. There are misbegotten black children all over the place and that is because black men don't take responsibility for their children.

When the average SINGLE black woman gets pregnant, she expects to do it alone.

And white women that get knocked up to hold onto a man have self-esteem issues.