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Reply to "Tyrone Hayes: The toxic baby"

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  

I don't think he is making any direct claims about homosexuality one way or the other, [though I may needs to view the second video and other of his], but is trying to explain the hormonal and gene altering effects of such chemicals.  



  I understand.  I am NOT dismissing their findings in regards to the reaction chemicals can have on unborn children.  Not at all.


It has been mentioned how much of these chemicals are found in the water that people in Uganda drink, use to cook with and bath in, and coincidentally, Uganda is an African country that is now experiencing what seems to be a surge in homosexuality.  


But I don't buy it.  Mainly cuz homosexuality is NOT a new mindset. And I think the reason for the upsurge in Uganda has to be MORE than merely environmental...although I am not ruling it out per se but I am not convinced that "chemicals" can alter physical attraction in humans.  That would be a type of altered state phenomena.. and I'm not saying that chemicals can't alter physical deformities in humans.. cuz I know they can.  


However, I do believe that this upsurge of homosexuality in Uganda could be a result of passed wars and civil unrest in the country's history. Usually during war time male soldiers turn to each other for sexual release-that's historical. And women who are left without male companions can also turn to each other.  Additionally, we just can't dismiss Uganda's participation in forced sex-slaves and child soldiers during their social crisis...and we definitely can't forget about that crazy ass Idi Amin's involvement in the decline of Uganda after its freedom from British control.  So it's all type of SOCIAL factors to consider in regards to WHY homosexuality in that country has increased.  Plus in my eyes, Uganda is still a young country in terms of being exposed to the outside world- that is being a part of the Scramble to Africa trend that occurred in the late 1800s.  We just don't KNOW what the hell massa was doing to those people.  We've heard about Leonardo in the Congo and the atrocities he committed against innocent Africans that they will talk about...right?  But there a lot of things we don't know that happened.   So..any type of social and emotional trauma could convince the next generation of tortured people to start rethinking differently about how they wanna live their lives.  We just don't know.


But to get back on point in reference to chemicals affecting unborn children, back in the day when I was studying human development, a professor stated that the "y" chromosome in the male are in fact or may be in fact be an incomplete "x." Which can be seen as a deformity in some cases except for the "fact" that this "y" has 23 chromosomes to contribute in creating human life and determining gender.  However, it MUST be a reason for this "y" being looked upon as incomplete which has to partner with the "x" to make it a complete system. This is a human code that only the universe knows how to crack. Us humans are pulling at straws.


So for me?  I just think that it's pretty premature to even POINT in that direction in terms of assuming chemicals may be have an input or impact on what TURNS a person on sexuality.  I see it as a bit of a stretch. Next, they i.e. these experts based on their closed system findings are gonna probably say that "people being saturated with an unknown agent in food" will most likely be attracted sexually to animals.  Making this chemical claim [pertaining to homosexuality] is simply "junk science" until of course solid proof and evidence can justify it.  In my view, science conjecture has no place in human development.  We have enough social PROBLEMS trying to live together in peace and cultural acceptance.    But!      

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