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Reply to "Tolerance of Intolerance?"

Originally posted by kresge:
Is there a particular situation or circumstance which you have in mind with this question?

Kresge, that's a good question. I suppose the immediate context is Melesi's accusation that I don't give his posts a fair reading.

But to be fair, it goes far beyond that. As a single non-Christian, who has just moved to a new town, living in the Bible belt, in a place where the first thing people ask you when they meet you is "Where do you go to church?", in a place where even in the online dating community the women all declare "You can't love me if you can't love Jesus", I frankly find the Christian presence oppressive. There really is no other word to describe my response. They're the overwhelming majority. They create a social hell for those who don't share their views. Then they call you intolerant.....

I'm a professor - a mathematician - the very first African American in my school's department. I've recently experienced an extremely disturbing incident at work which involved a white colleague trying to force not only her views about religion on me but race and politics as well. The result was a hostile/strained/stressful work environment. I wound up in the emergency room under the stress. And the response from the Hyper-Christianized black community - who by the way badly need mathematicians - in the way of moral support? Nil. Nada. These fools are more worried about people going to the right church than they are about the fact that math and science are among the top barriers to African American academic success in higher education.

It's really wearisome. There are huge issues at stake and too large a portion of the black community is too strung out on Jesus (or crack) to be useful.

In fact, the black Christians here have been worse than the racist white folks
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