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Reply to "Time To Quit"

I am empathetic to all smokers trying to quit. I have to sign-on as an ex-smoker. When I quit I was smoking a carton from 5PM on Friday to 8Am on Monday. I played music over the weekend. I finally was able to quit after smoking 23 years. I don't know the mechanics of addiction, but I cannot begin to imagine addiction to harder drugs. Nicotine is a drug folks!! I thank God that I never got involved with THAT.

How to quit? Personal resolve. And all the help you can get. I was motivated when I began to literally see stars when I began coughing after taking a "drag." Stars like sparklers on the 4th of July. My 9-year old ask me to quit for his birthday. It was like a stab in the heart.

I need to be more clear about the coughing. I always coughed after taking a "drag." It was just that now I began to see stars when the coughing began.

I QUIT!! But not right away. After all, I had four cigarettes left in the pack. I tried two more. I couldn't finish the first because of unstoppable coughing. But it did stop. And, I did have three cigarettes left. So I smoked another. I really thought the coughing would never stopped those around me began to try to help. Scared me almost to death. No pun intended.

THEN I QUIT!!! Cold Turkey.

Thank God!!


Jim Chester

P.S. I dreamed about smoking for 15 years!!! I mean literally DREAMED about it.

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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