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Reply to "Time For Action?!?!?!?"

I disagree with the idea that the People in Power represent the popular sentiment of the Black community.

Whoa dude - how can you say this?

If these people are ELECTED and still in power then CLEARLY the community is having them to return to office.

If they are UNELECTED with the "Leader Until They Die" syndrome (Jesse, Al, Joe Lowery and others) then THE COMMUNITY would make note of how these people "don't represent our views" and they would experience MASS REBUKE as would be the case if Ward Connerly or others stood up and CLAIMED to speak for Black folks rather than just himself.

There was a recent MMM in which these same individuals took to the stage with scant protests against them.

It seems to me that IF THEY DON'T represent the COMMON POLITICAL IDEOLOGY among Black people then they are doing a HELL OF A JOB in misrepresenting this.

I find it interesting, however, that Al Shartpon and Jesse are so frequent in their dual role as Black "Leaders" and Leading Democrats. Sharpton recently attacked the "race traders" who CROSSED THE LINE and voted for the Republican mayor's reelection - absent any reference to his qualification for reelection other than the (R) after his name.

Jesse Jackson, at this year's "State of the Black Union" conference said "WE COULD TAKE BACK THE CONGRESS IN 2006" in front a room full of Black people. Now - why was he so comfortable in saying WE? I wondered who was "WE"? BLACKS have never had control of the Congress. Clearly he was not taking about "We Blacks". Only the DEMOCRATS have ever controlled the Congress. What allowed him to make such a slip?

When there is a choice to be made between pursuing PERMANENT INTERESTS of Black people and not doing anything counter to upset his "Permanent Friends" I question which route these two will take.

We can start with the relative SILENCE about Public School reform during the Clinton Administration for starters. When compared with the all out frontal attack that Bush receives I have to question the motivations of these people as they were nearly silent during the 1990's. IF there were remarkable improvements that could be detailed I would be understanding of their silence. Sadly - their actions cannot be justified as anything but a STATE OF PACIFICATION.

(And you all are talking about the NAACP guy in FL fearing that he may sellout. Please)