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Reply to "Time For Action?!?!?!?"

Finally Mr. Chester,
I agree with much that you have done and applaud your efforts to work against the grain to allow your voice to be heard. I have visited your website and I see that I could learn much from you. I welcome any information you can assist me with allowing my voice to be heard. How did you organize your AANC?---NFarous

I simply did it. As it turns out, existence of an idea is in the control of the one who conceives it. Sustaning the idea is the ultimate problem.

What steps have you taken to secure support?

I try to keep the 'word' in the eye of the public. I have no planned campaign. I think it is the absolute political alternative for us as a people.

Are they working, and if so how and why?

I think my efforts are working. The website traffic is up, significantly. I am very happy with that demonstration of interest.

These are the things that I wish to know so that we can begin to shape the debate and take over the power from those that have no desire to see us succeed.---NFarious

Your goal sounds like my goal.

The control I am seeking is tha over the African American vote, and the ability to assure things that benefit African America.

Controlling that which belongs to us is the first task.

Thanks for your interest.

Please tell others like us.


Jim Chester