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Reply to "Three Ways to Fight Racism in 2014"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:
Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:

#4. hang around with token White friends, esp. at night and at nightspots.  


#5. put a college sticker in your car window, whether you have a degree or attended a college or not


#6. look for phone apps that allow recording secretly, esp. good for Police interactions (stop and frisk and general harassment from the Pigs)


Hell, I wonder if it's going to get to the point where Black people, particularly Black youth, and especially young Black males are going to have to wear bullet-proof vests as normal attire and have all our cars retro-fitted with panoramic video-audio cameras, while being strapped.  

+Pretty first!!!  it's a chess game, you need to make moves that matter!!


I use my White friends when I go out.  I let them drive my car, b/c even if they were drunk driving, they'd get more respect from the police than any Black person in America.  



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