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Reply to "This is so cool..."WATCH: This Butterfly and Ant’s Relationship Is... Complicated"

Thank God for White men. There have no fear treading where even ANGELS fear to tread. Bugs, bears, wild cats, the highest mountain tops, skiing, soaring in suits that have "wings", boating in all kinds of rough waters/ finding the most gigantic, strange creatures of the seas of all kinds. There's no place these men won't go, there's nothing these people won't study. Spiders can be as large as the human head, one will have a camera on it. They'll swim in the icy waters of somewhere in swim trunks.

If just the Black man were on earth by himself, all he'd know are the animals he's surrounded by, he and his brothers, and the  grub worm snackeroos. They'd still wipe each other out occasionally, but that would be it' they wouldn't be blowing up the entire world. Ants and other bugs would be the ones they stepped on; and the beat would go on.

Curious white men make the world go round, lopsided as a mofo, but it still rotates, we believe anyway.

Off Topic:  Who does the cleaning up of all the bombed building and bodies destroyed in these wars? What kinds of devices are used. It appears half the world has been totally destroyed/wiped out on television when pictures of Syria or other places of killings/slaughters, people fleeing are photographed.

What's the purpose of all that shit, really???? How about finding a place to take a bath, find some clean water somewhere, and go to sleep for awhile. not permanently; find something to LOVE. Half the world fighting is no different than two siblings, just so MUCH MORE lethal. Incineration alive has to HURT for a nanosecond.

500 pound bombs dropping on one's head gives much more than a headache. It splatters your brains. You do that for "leaders?" Why?? You're dead, they're rolling in money, getting nookie, sleeping in MANSIONS, sailing on YACHTS. Your remaining relatives, wherever they may be are drowning in TEARS.

The wars make your LEADERS WEALTHY, you're laying in a beautiful ground similar to Arlington with a stone on your head, decomposing, maybe/maybe not because there wasn't anything of you to bury. Hate's a bitch, isn't it??? You don't even kNOW the persons you're slaughtering and hating. You're following your so-called "leader." It NEVER ends. There's a baby being born right now who'll be following in your tanks, toting your weaponry, blasting folks, 18 years from now, if we all haven't all self-destructed by then  over pure bullshit.

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