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This is how I would answer questions for job interviews!

Ok, I have this class called Sophomore Seminar. It's a career
class where you have to dress up in a career suit. So I would
put in on for class. Then, I would put on my make up, touch
up, refresh my hair.

This class was very important because I had to do a job
interview. I was kinda nervous about it. But I practiced
over an over again.

If somebody askes me any questions for a job interview,
I will answer like this:

 Why should I hire you?

You should hire me because I will work overtime,
and I'll pick up where other people slack.

Interviewer could say
Why do you want to work for us?

I would say because I want to work for a winning team.
I like to do bigger and better things, so I tend to
gravitate toward like minds.

What is your biggest weakness?
I would say that I'm not always a fast learner, but
I will work hard to understand.

Why do you want to work for us?
You constantly give to me with your best and quality
service, so I want to give back to you. I can help
you more.

Tell me about your proudest acheivement

My proudest acheivement was being qualified
for the School of honors at my college
in South Carolina.

My positive traits are...

I'm hard working and studious. I keep my priorities
straight. I never let fun time get in the way of
my schooling so that will carry over into the workplace

What do you think a good leader is?

A good leader has is original, not a copy.
A good leader has more strengths than
weakness, is humble and open to

What is your greatest memory from childhood?

I remember learning my abcs at 10 months.
It's interesting how I recited it because
my mom already set me up to learn it
by saying this as she go up and down
the stairs with me.

How would I handle conflict in the workplace?

I would ask the person why they felt the
way they do, offer my opinion, get
others opinion so it is fair and humble.

Now, those are just my answers. What
would you say? Everyone has a different
perspective. Some have the same
perspective. But the multitude of
answers that you can give is creative
and broad.

But go to if you want to
see what the professionals say!

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