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Reply to "This Black Democrat Has a Chance in Tennessee"

What!!! you can't be serious. People like Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxcene Waters, John Lewis, Major Owens, Mel Watt just to name a few work their A&& off every day for our collective interest. They can't win every battle but they can win some and we have to be thankful for that.---alonzo

I agree with you, but...

They do good work without a doubt.

While they are 'working their 'a$$'s' off', I look at their work and here is what I see.

They CHOOSE to not seek permanent protection of access to the voting booth 'because it would cause 'white folks' to challenge the permanence on the basis of constitutionality.


These members of congress, while 'working their 'a$$'s off' don't have the GUTS to demand of the law what that law acknowledges for women and 18-year-olds.

They stand silent while thirteen (13) States continue to be in violation of the law.

Neither disappointment, nor frustration begin to describe my feelings against such poor, poor, poor leadership.

Ford of Tennessee might do worse.


Jim Chester