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Reply to "They Say You're "Acting White"? You Probably Deserve It"

that water in the desert wouldn't have many other uses (not drinking standard), and Americans aren't dying of thirst.

That water in the desert comes from the Colorado River. The population growth of the southwest has created a political water war over how the water is allocated. Of course Mexico doesn't count. The Colorado doesn't reach the ocean anymore, there have been TV programs about this.

That said - I wonder if someone could address the point of my post in this thread: that just about everything we do is white. There are plenty of people on this site - in this thread - who's "black credentials" are rock solid. At the same time I could certainly see how someone might call them white for being on the internet. The internet is white (Al Gore invented it remember! bsm). Message boards are white. Couldn't what we are doing now be considered a rather "white" activity?

I have had Black people comment about my speech as long ago as eigth grade. When I was nine I used to correct my mother's speech which then was more correct than I hear often today. I read a lot and I think I consciously chose to imitate the style of newsmen on television. I've recently had people tell me I talk like a Black radio talk show host. Some women like it. I was on a message board in the 80s, before the World Wide Web, communicating with some White kids. They were b!tching about how useless the square root of negative one was in math class. I told them it was used in electrical engineering for computing phase shift in voltage and current. They jumped all over me, called me a "fossil." Can't tell smart alek White kids

Anyway I analyze it in heirarchal terms:


#2 I am MALE

#3 I am BLACK

I equate intelligence with being a human being, not with being White. Since you can't do much with intelligence without knowledge, an intelligent human being should value relevant knowledge. Therefore to me Black people who insist on behaving as though being intelligen and knowledgable is "acting White" are denying their HUMANITY.

Notice that I put the word RELEVANT in there. Relevant knowledge is POWER, irrelevant knowledge is A WASTE OF TIME. I think the White controlled educational system is MOSTLY a scam. I think every 12 year old in the United States could learn the basic accounting equation:


but plenty of us had to memorize how to spell ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM in grammar school. What good was that? But I have had some Black woman defend it on a message board on the grounds that we all had to do it. Trusting White people to educate Black children makes about as much sense as trusting the devil to tell you how to get to heaven. That other video that tmonster gave us Who Controls Our Children is extremely important in my opinion. I would love for Rowe to comment on it. According to the White teacher who made it the White establishment has been sabotaging ALL KIDS since the 60s and the control of educational institutions through accreditation and testing and financing is all part of it.

"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu

I consider that relevant knowledge but I never heard of him in school.

I don't watch basketball either in addition to not playing golf or skiing. I used to play chess a lot though. I never saw anyone in my Black neighborhood play it as a kid. Partly this is a group psychology thing but chess is something that is often protrayed as "intellectual" so it becomes a "White" thing in some people's eyes. The majority of White people do believe they have superior intelligence to Blacks and unfortunately I think the majority of Blacks believe that crap also. I remember in high school, often when we went to gym class, other Black boys in my class would mention the Black boys forming a group and competing against the White boys. I never heard anyone mention competing at intellectual pursuits. Only two of us played chess. I thought it was fun, win or lose.

I am not the only person down on golf though. George Carlin has been talking about it for at least 20 years. This is far from his longest tirade about it.

There is a new level of social anger when he discusses homeless people and the "myth" of America's generosity, punctuated with the recurrent cry of "not in my backyard." One Carlin solution: golf courses for the homeless. Of course, he appends some trenchant remarks about that "arrogant, elitist game that takes up entirely too much room in this country."

He must be a White man failing to "act White." lol

I recall being fascinated by it when I was ten. Sometimes I could watch it longer than baseball, which I could only stand for 15 minutes. I would sit in front of the TV thinking, "This is incredible. The White people can make a game even more boring than baseball." lol

The last time I watched a basketball game with some Black men I fell asleep.

So this Tiger Woods business is really hilarious. How many Black people have suddenly gotten into golf since Tiger Woods came along? To me it is more of the business of, "We have to show the White people we have arrived." To me the palefaces are the enemy who have created a system that forces me to work for them to get the money to pay them to live on this land that they stole. Once I get the money I am not wasting it on $1000 suits and trips to Paris. This image nonsense is just another scam. I don't have a problem with someone skiing if they live in driving distance, like 200 miles, but if they have to fly around the country to do it, I say they are one of those well to do status seekers that needs to imitate the palefaces.


ps - I bet a chess set costs a lot less than golf clubs or skis. lol Talk about high class on the cheap. But seriously I think it is good mental exercise for kids. Probably more useful that a lot of what they get in school.