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Reply to "They Say You're "Acting White"? You Probably Deserve It"

Originally posted by umbrarchist:
I think you should look at skiing and golfing a little more closely.

How much land does a golf course take up? What sense does it make to use that much land for a GAME? How much water is used to keep golf courses green in Arizona? Arizona is a desert. There aren't better things to do with water in a desert.

How much does it cost to fly to Colorado to ski?

High class almost invariably means expensive. So the status seekers need the well to do to tell them how to waste money to project the proper image.

Watch that Status Anxiety video that tmonster put in the "Food for Thought" thread.


I see your point, but you assume that people engage in such activities only to be thought of as "high class". Is it really that difficult to accept that some poeple like skiing for the same reason they like basketball? And skiing isn't *that* expensive if you already live in a ski region and buy a season pass. As for all the water involved in keeping the golf greens looking nice and pretty...yeah, it does take a lot of money, but that water in the desert wouldn't have many other uses (not drinking standard), and Americans aren't dying of thirst. We can very well ship it to another country. And it still doesn't address the fact that for some, golfing is just fun.