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Reply to "They Say You're "Acting White"? You Probably Deserve It"

And with me, this is also tempting, but I'll pull my punches.

Still listen to you. You place yourself above less fortunate blacks, have pride that your kid doesn't attend one of "those" schools, and you flaunt your lifestyle worst than those glitzy video rappers. Yep, I'd say those are hallmarks of "acting white".

Yes, I recognize there are ignorant black folks out there, but they shouldn't be an impediment to affect change. Like I say to white folks, you don't participate in the struggle in order to expect black folks to kiss your ass or uniformly start "acting right." You do it because it's the right thing to do.

This is way to easy, I can't believe you fell for it. swrd

The National Bar Association is the Leading Black Bar in this country, most state Black Bars are affiliate members. The National Brotherhood of Skiers is the largest ski club in the country, and it is all Black, 20,000 members strong, and yes I said the largest in the USA even white ski clubs do not get this big.

I partisipate as a Mock trial coach at a Newark High School, last year I was a coach at a Jersey City High School as well. The kids I work with want to move out of the ghetto and live a better life, they know the value of education even in thier dire circumstances. I was an advisor for the NAACP youth council for two years when I lived down the shore in Jersey. I still have my townhouse there and my parents go down on the weekend from time to time. Well, the father of one of the girls I mentored as the youth Council Advisor saw my dad and he said that because of me his daughter is now in her second year of med school, all because I told her she could do it because I did. This same little girl thought education was a white thing before she met me. I introduced her to three of my girls, all doctors one of whom grew up in the hood, she saw the light.

I am sorry that you feel bad about yourself, I because don't feel bad myself, don't feel bad about reaching for my potential.

I am sorry that you curry the favor of those less fortunate to make yourself feel Black. A good friend who got called "White Boy" told me that ghetto Black folks don't get to define what being Black means. He said that letting ghetto Black folks define us is like white people letting the folks from the trailer park or the Mountains of West Virgina define them. So I'm sayin' Yo son, seems like you have some self esteem issue that you may want to seek therapy, son. You need to check yo self before your wreck yo self. By the way "son" is a term the fella's from the bronx use"

I could go on but frankly, since you do not pay my bills, ..........."Fersure, it's like totally cool that you call me White Girl"
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