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Reply to "They Say You're "Acting White"? You Probably Deserve It"

This is just too tempting; it is like the breastfeeding debate. Here we go.

Since you have lived in the US for most of your life, you are aware that, we, American Blacks, say that we are Kings and Queens of Africa. Kings and Queens are well educated people or how could they successfuly run an empire. I am also aware that the first university in the world was in Timbuktu; a major city of the Kingdom of Nubia [correct me if I am wrong] not Greece as Europeans would have the non white world believe. Thus striving for educational advancement is not a white thing, it is the quintessential Black thing.

I grew up, much like you in Whiter than the Whitest White Town, New Jersey. Had and have two loving parents who have been married for 46 or so years. My mom worked so I attended a very integrated and progressive nursery school, never went to kindergarten, 1st grade was at the school my mother taught at in NYC, then the rules changed so I had to go to my school in NJ2nd grade until 8th grade. My first day of second grade, I ,at five, was called the N word, indeed I remember them saying look at the N and I was looking around for who they were talking about. In fact I was the only Black kid at that school from 2nd grade until 6th grade. Suffice it to say the students were the least of my problems, the teachers were the real goons, but I digress.
So my older cousins bothsides [not all] called me white girl and classmates [not all just the assholes ]called me N generally every day of school.

Of my cousins, the ones who called me white girl, well they are not doing so well in life, physically, mentally or financially. One is on crack and will not go into rehab because she does not need it, at 41 she has never held a job for more than 3 weeks, one was on heroin and just came out of rehab but he can't find a job because he is depressed he has never held a job for more than 7 months and one was on cocaine [powder not crack, she does not like smoke], she is in recovery, finally graduate from college after 12 years on and off, got a job with benefits and purchased her first home but she is addicted to her holiness church like she was addicted to cocaine, she speaks in tongues and falls out at every service, she cannot discuss the bible, it is all about what Pastor says. Of the classmates that called me N, who I bump into from time to time, none of them went to college like me let alone grad school and now they are all apologetic about what they did to me all those years ago, I guess they saw Kevin Bacon in Flatline and got scared.

Anyway, I have no intention of sending my kids to public school, which is why I work as hard as I do to earn a living, if that make me white, so be it.

I have no intention of living in the ghetto, have not done that since I was 18 months old and my parent move me out of one hell and into another as far as school was concerned. But there are intangible benefits to growing up with a backyard. But I now realize that the town I grew up in did not give me my values and mores, my parents did. Nobody would ever suggest that my parent are white, they participated actively in the Civil Rights Movement, ever heard of SNIC {Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee}. The suburban environments they place me in has shaped my personality.

My experience with my people, be it relative or classmate [Black College Grad] and my experience with white people, be it school classmate or neighbor proves one thing to me. There are people who will work to change there environment and there are people who do not.

Life is about choices, I could have chosen to let the White Girl label have a negative effect on me but I know for every Black person that calls me a White Girl, some white person, now the Cops, the Judges, the white Attorney who are racist, to the I am an N who was admitted to the bar. I cannot live my life to please either group.

This is my motto, if they do not pay my bills then they do not mean much in the overall scheme.

So let them say I am acting white because I live in a nice neighborhood, go to the Ritz Carlton for vacation [National Bar Convention] and go skiing in Canada or Colorado every year [with the National Brotherhood of Skiers] because that is what I do. If being educated says I am acting white, then the Black people who say it are showing they do not know there own history, they want the bling but don't want to put the time in [study] to position themselves to earn it, seems short sighted to me. I am pretty sure that if the people that call me white girl could live my life, they would take it in a minute. Funny you never hear middle class Black people calling rich Black people white, I wonder why that is the case. I guess I just grew up beleiveing that money was green.