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Originally posted by Michael:
"... caught with his pants down while having lewd sex with a prostitute in a government vehicle..." published and documented addition Kevin Murray, and/or many others use false pretenses to hold office, and most of these individuals do not have clue as to what it means to be an elected representative!

"I believe you are far too harsh in your judgment of the people you have named. While it may be true that some of them have made mistakes and bad choices in their lives, it does not negate all the good that they have accomplished.

Each of them at some time has helped focused attention on some grievous injustice in our culture. To condemn them and everything they have accomplished for the poor, for the indigent, for the African American community, because of a sexual indiscretion or financial irregularity is a rational, logical, and philosophical error. "We are the sum of all the moments of our lives; all that is ours is in them". So wrote T. Wolfe in 1929." by chilewillow

Nope, I'm one of many individuals who can prove that these individuals do not serve our community. As reality would have it our elected representatives and others in positions of influence are truly a disgrace, treasonous, and I'm not about to flip this script.

Those who have faced the reality of it, know for a fact these individuals do not represent the Black community, and it is not just me saying so!


Michael Lofton

Mr. Lofton,

Surely you will agree... and someone else made this point, that most politicians are of the same ilk, cut from the same cloth. Once elected, they seldom follow through on campaign promises. They become different people than they were when they were asking for your vote.

You are much better informed than I am about the behavior of the specific people you have named. And, if they are true, the above is not meant to excuse the charges you have made. But the majority of politicians, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation... once elected become different people. They are ill-suited to handle the power and authority given to them and behave in a manner consistent with their own self interest. They do not act in the interests of their constituency. To believe that they will act in the best interests of the people who elected them is fanciful, wishful thinking.

I apologize if I sound pedantic, but what I have said is a given. The problem is timeless and is not specific to any one race. In our own democracy, part of the problem is that once elected, there is no way to hold elected officials accountable. We are stuck with them for two, four, or six years unless we are willing to go through the costly, time-consuming, and sometimes ineffectual recall process. In some ways I believe the parliamentary system is better, were a simple vote of no-confidence can rid a community of a worthless official.

And we all have faced the reality of it. Across the US there is hardly a community that is not saddled with some greedy, inept, incompetent public official. In my own community, we have a city councilman who has twice been censured by the State Elections Committee for taking bribes from the construction industry. And yet in November he was re-elected. Go figure!

And on a national scale we have all had to face the reality and incompetence of the Bush Administration and the thousands who have died because of his policies. At least 48% of us have no voice.

For my part, I would much rather have a President who drops his pants in the Oval Office than a President who drops bombs on children, women, and non-combatants, and sends hundreds of young Americans to die in a senseless war. But that's just me.

All of this is far-afield and has little to do with the MJ verdict. I apologize for the diversion.

Kind regards,
Chile Willow
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