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" are such a weasel azz person make excuses not to take action but at the same time you feel like youv'e been wronged....if you felt that BS you state was true, you'd sue em for 50 cent if you had to....but you are all hot air talk a big talk and speak bad of others to try and create tension amongst others...but everyone else is under control and you just continue to spew emotional BS that you are scared to follow up on...if you were would spend your every waking moment trying to defend your family's name instead of trying to make others feel like you that is homo since you like to toss that title around......." by Kevin41

...Nope the only weasels, backstabbers, thieves, cheats, traitors, trash, misfits, creeps, low lifes, etc., etc., are these individuals, and the Black middleclass who praise, them!!

...and again the Los Angeles Sentinel is not worth the effort or investment for civil lawsuit. The parties being sued though, in Los Angeles Superior Court case #895188, are by far, well worth the investment, the time, the energy to be sued for damages.

....again, the Los Angeles Sentinel, is indeed a "Yellow Journal", that will eventually result in losing business opportunity, because it's customer base is primarily Black, and the Black customer base of the Los Sentinel, continues to shrink. I wouldn't be interested in purchasing a subscription. Instead I have chosen to subscribe to the world class Los Angeles Times, or on occasion, I will purchase the Los Angeles Daily News. The Los Angeles Times, and the Daily News, are more professional, would be less apt to publish falsehoods, and then not correct false information, which again, comes with the territory of professional journalism. The Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper is consider a tabloid, a "yellow journal". When The National Enquirer in a tabloid magazine is mentioned, this also brings to mind the Los Angeles Sentinel. Slim chance that the Sentinel will earn any Pulitzer prize honor for journalism. This is because the Los Angeles Sentinel does not have a history of publishing news worthy and/or accurate information.

Like the National Inquirer magazine, the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper amounts to a tabloid!

The Los Angeles Times Wins Pulitzer Prize honors for 2005! as for promoting homosexuality, gay rights, etc., etc., this is not a subject that I would have any interest in.


Michael Lofton


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