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" talk about how wronged you were...but i see you fail to get off your lazy lying azz to do something about it....which means the Sentinel must have some merit to what they printed....if that was my family....i wouldn't even be in here fucking around....i'd be working to defend my family's name...that is why you are so damn hateful.........because you are helpless to do something about it....because once you start with those lies and opinions, they will print another story about the fool who tried to make the truth a lie......when they have records to refer you need to look inward, because no one in here has done you shit....." by Kevin41

There is definitely nothing of merit or worthy of praise as it pertains to sleaze, treason, ignorance, or unethical and unprofessional journalism.

The Los Angeles Sentinel is just a "Yellow Journal"

..Sue the Sentinel???? The Sentinel does not have anything worth suing for. Eventually, the Sentinel will put itself out of business!!!

Many of our own elected officials are treasonous, disgraceful, and should be banned from ever holding elected office!


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