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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Lashid:
Who you choose as a "hero" aint got s.hit to do with this, Mr. Michael!

Besides, I was always told that to first talk about someone (whether it be negative or positive talk), you must first be THINKING about 'em ...And we don't talk about those we dislike continuously!

Plus, instead of making it known what blacks you "abhor" (or whatever), then why don't you try praising your "black heroes" once in a while? ...Why not make a topic that is UPLIFTING to the black race, instead of continuously finding fault and picking out things to criticize?

...same response which is...

......again as I have stated before, I choose my own heroes, to which, the being benevolent to Caucasians over Black people wanna be Caucasian pervert Michael Jackson, Poverty Pimping Jesse Jackson, Poverty Pimping Al Sharpton, should be in prison O.J. Simpson, "Brentwood" Burke, former Congressman Walter "Felony" Tucker, Reverend H.H. "pimping" Brookins, no good serving foreign interests at the expense of Compton and South Los Angeles "no good illegal immigrant" Merv Dymally, ambulance chasing attorney Johnny Cochran, Carpetbagging Martin Ludlow, caught with his pants down while having lewd sex with a prositute in a government vehicle carpet bagging no good sleazy California State Assemblyman Kevin Murray, etc., etc., are very removed from being fit to be called a hero, or very remote from any group of individuals I would admire, and respect!

To each his own. Again, I choose my heroes, and not you!

...and as for being Black I've already proven my connection to the Black community plus, I have years of experience!


Michael Lofton