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"that bullschit Micheal espouses is based on his own mental affliction..." by Lashid for mental affliction...

Jackson's millions, nor any Black celebrities millions have touched the lives of Black Los Angeles! I'm willing to bet strongly that none of these individuals have been kept off the street, or kept from being homeless due to Michael Jackson, or any Black celebrity's benevolence!

...and with regard to Michael Jackson's perverted life style, it would behoove any parent to keep their young sons away from the likes of any Michael Jackson.

...It is disguisting and very abnormal for any grown man to share his bed with and young boy or girl, especially any young boy or girl, who is of no blood relation.

....and considering the amount money collected in the typical Black Church, the number of charitable organizations, the so-called millions invested in the inner-city by Michael Jackson, the homeless population of Black Los Angeles, the conditions of Compton, South Central Los Angeles, Watts, should not be....which is further indication that millions are not reaching the destitute, the homeless, the poverty, Black families in distress, as depicted by the large number of documented homeless Black people, published by the Los Angeles Times, a world class newspaper.

....Heck, most all Charitable organizations intentionally will go to any length to make it appear that they are helping the disadvantaged, whether true or not, so that they can receive a larger market share of charitable contributions.

I know the game. About the only charitable organization that I will contribute to, is the Salvation Army. Other than the Salvation Army, I have chosen to personally give 100% of any contribution directly to any Black homeless individual, any Black family in distress, or any other individual from the Black community who comes across as being genuinely in need of help. Of course, this would mean I would lose the means to use this as a charitable contribution, on my tax return, because the money, the gift, etc., is not being first donated to any Charitable organization. More so than any tax write-off, it is of more value to make a point the truly needy benefit from my benevolence, over the greedy or the sleazy!

This is of far more benefit to anyone in need, than to have any "go between" in any Church, Charitable organization, poverty pimping jackleg preacher, or other group of individuals who automatically take a large percentage off the top, to which in many instances, the money intended to help the needy, instead ends up in the control of the greedy!


Michael Lofton
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