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Michael, Frency...

WHO ARE YOU to define "blackness"?

...And it is TOTAL IGNORANCE to base one's blackness primarily upon the color of their skin!

And if you would've noticed in the "Living With Michael Jackson" documentary, during that time of shooting, there were nothing but a whole bunch of black kids (along with their families) from the inner-city invited (FOR FREE!) at Neverland!

I'm sorry, however, if MJ is not "partial" when it comes to his donations - but it's ridiculous to say that he doesn't "give back" to his own people in any way!

USA for AFRICA?...

He's done ALOT MORE for his "people" than these so-called "REAL bruthas" who flash their wealth in our faces, yet, BEG us to make 'em wealthy (in buying their music and OVER-priced clothing)! ...And what do we really "gain" from their music, besides more stereotypes and negativity?

...It's SUCH A SHAME when we consider ALL that this man has given back to humanity, yet, we TOTALLY forget that and focus on the negative (which has NOT EVEN been proven, at that!)!...

Like Jermaine Jackson said, this man should be upheld as a FINE EXAMPLE for Americans (in considering how this world view us), in all that he's done for the world, yet, we treat him like s.hit, simply because he's "eccentric"!