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Lofton.....Michael knows what made him strange and has vocalized as need to do the same with that hangup about your childhood that has you really acting dysfunctional as an adult and spewing hatred...if not....this is how your life will be and eventually (if not already) no one will be around you because they do not want to hear that have bitter old azz loner written all over your future........

Michael Jackson's Arrested Development
Compiled by the DiversityInc staff


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June 15, 2005

Analysis of today's diversity news from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Reuters, The Washington Post,, and more:

"I've never believed Michael Jackson was a pedophile," writes Slate editor Jacob Weisberg. That's in part because he doesn't fit the profile"”the average molester of boys commits 280 crimes in a lifetime, one study found"”but mostly because Weisberg can't picture Jackson as a premeditating sexual predator. "Michael Jackson seems too emotionally stunted to act in any grown-up way, including a deviant sexual one," he writes. "Naive, juvenile, and terribly damaged, he seems pathetically incapable not just of criminal intent, but of adult consciousness."

Forced to work at age 7 by a physically abusive father, Jackson grew up without a normal adolescence. "Instead, Michael was made into a performing sexualized freak, a boy whose soprano voice kindled passion in grown women," Weisberg notes. "He was made to witness adult sexuality at an age when it can only have been terrifying and incomprehensible to him. By 10, he was performing in strip clubs and hiding under the covers in hotel rooms while his older brothers got it on with groupies." Jackson has said himself that his childhood was "taken away" from him.

"Almost everything that seems freakish about him can be explained by his poignant, doomed effort to get his stolen childhood back," Weisberg writes. "Tyrannized and abused by his father, he turned hyperbolically gentle and generous to children. Terrified by adult sexuality, he froze in pre-adolescent immaturity."

When asked why he spends so much time with children, Jackson said, "I haven't been betrayed or deceived by children. Adults have let me down."

Weisberg makes good points. But still, let's hope Jackson follows through on his lawyer's statement that the entertainer no longer will share his bed with children.