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"When you type that same response bullshit think you are being rude and frustrating.....but you are not......I know you say that "same response" bullshit because you HAVE have no way to cover your azz for the things you can not substantiate, so you have to DIVERT the converstaion by talking all that inept, treasonous black middle class jack-leg bullshit...or you DEFLECT the specific question by saying same response and giving an answer that does not even relate to the specific question asked to you.

...... get a kick out of talking to helps my articulation skills because it takes some what of a skill to try and bring someone's bullschit forward and put it in a legible format to then tell them why it is bullschit." by Kevin41

???articulation skills, where, when,.......any articulation skill that is misleading, or unrealistic is not worth reading or listening to.

...and it is a waste of my value time to digest misleading information expressed by any Kevin41 that is not factual, concerning any major invest of any Black celebrity in the "Hood".

"With a spate of new projects, for-profit housing developers show a fresh interest in the once-neglected area. But challenges remain."

......Now who is truly telling truth. The inner-city has been neglected by the elected Black leadership, the so-called Black middle class, and the Black upperclass.

Kevin41's reality must be from another world, because the people who actually live in the inner-city know for a fact that the Black elected leaders, the Black middleclass, a Michael Jackson, etc., have yet to bring millions into the inner-city, or create opportunity for the residents of any Compton, South Central Los Angeles, Watts, Oakland, Baltimore, East St. Louis, Harlem, Pacoima, Pomona, Detroit, Newark, etc., etc.!

The only major business investment coming into any inner-city is being financed by every other ethnic group but the Black middle class, Black celebrities, including any Michael Jackson, etc., etc. If not for the investment of Caucasians, Koreans, Hispanics, and other outsiders, much of South Central Los Angeles would be as depressed today, if not worse, than after the 1965 Watts riot.

Just like Caucasian Flight from Compton, South Central, Watts, other inner-city areas, the Black middleclass ran like a "bat out of hell" away from the inner-city, and left behind the Black elderly, etc., etc.

The primary individuals being snowed by the B.S. of Kevin41, are those who don't know any better. As for being lazy, incompetent, sleazy, self-serving, elitist, pompous, misleading the Black community, truly showing hatred for the Black community, the Black middleclass including a professor Kevin41, definitely have one or more of these counter-productive characteristics, more so than any Michael Lofton.

Again, the millions of dollars in assets of any Michael Jackson, or any other Black celebrity are not being invested in any inner-city.


Michael Lofton


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