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Originally posted by Michael:
...although Michael Jackson was acquitted, in the eyes of the masses he is still considered a child molester.

.....One or more of the jurists even stated this. The only reason that Michael Jackson was acquitted is the lack of credibility on the part of the prosecution. In several other documented incidents, Michael Jackson has paid the tune of millions, to several individuals, as "hush money" in an out of court settlement, rather than face criminal indictment for his actions.

This is not the MO of any truly innocent individual, especially anyone of Michael Jackson's clout, who would have the resources to rebutt such a claim over paying over twenty million dollars in damages.

Although he was acquitted of being a child molester, in this most recent trial, the majority of people have still branded Michael Jackson as being a child molester and rightfully so.

The question being ask by many individuals, and the Media, on the West Coast, is, "Now that Michael Jackson has been acquitted, will Michael Jackson continue his old habit of molesting and/or sleeping with young boys?"

....It is going to be next to impossible, if not impossible, for Michael Jackson to change the hearts and minds of many individuals, one being me, that Michael Jackson is not a child molester.

Although he escaped conviction, Michael Jackson remains a child molester. Once any individual is deemed as being a child molester, the responsible residents of any community will go to any length to remove such an individual from their community. This would be especially true in any affluent community, composed of parents, and their children.


Michael Lofton

Returning to the subject of MJ's guilt or innocense...

The phrase "child molester", although used in common everyday english, also has a legal meaning. By definition, one can only be called a "child molester" (at least publicly) if you have been convicted of child molestation. To my knowledge, MJ has never been convicted of child molestation and cannot be called a child molester.

If someone were to state publicly, in a speech or book or a film, in newsprint or on television that MJ is a child molester, such person would be liable and might very well find themselves standing before a court.

Of course, they could always avoid the hassle and agree to a printed retraction or out-of-court settlement.

Now, for arguments sake, let's assume that MJ is guilty of all ten charges listed on the bill of indictment. Let's also assume that all of the jurors were impartial. It's a stretch, but let's do it anyway.

Let's also disregard the extreme explanations for MJ's acquittal like, "the jurors were paid-off" and "they acquitted him because they were star-struck" Hmmm, I forgot were I was going with this... oh,

Given these two conditions, that he's guilty as sin and the jury was impartial, there are only two explanations for acquittal. First, that the evidence was weak or non-existant, or second, that the DA botched his job; he presented the evidence poorly or the defense out-scored him.

Either way the evidence did not meet the criteria of a "preponderance" beyond a reasonable doubt. And please note that this is true in nearly every case of acquittal... the preponderance of evidence did not exclude reasonable doubt. Does this mean in every case of acquittal the defendant "escaped conviction"?

The public may brand him what they will, but acquittal, in the legal sense of the word, means innocence. He's had his day in court and now he deserves a chance.

In the "eyes of the masses" (what an arrogant phrase) MJ is not a child molester. Maybe in the eyes of the majority of Americans he's a child molester but that still leaves a lot of folks who believe he's innocent.

That a majority of Americans think he's guilty... I'm not sure what that means. A majority of Americans think George Bush is the cat's meow (at least on Nov. 3 they did) and a generation of Germans looked on while six million people were exterminated.

Escaped conviction? I can't get past that. Is it a euphemism applied to every person who is found not guilty? Do people who are found guilty escape aquittal? Good grief! I hope I'm never charged with a crime. I don't have a prayer.
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