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"....and I guess Lofton is too caught up in his own stupidity to admit he was wrong....and understand that the UNCF alone aids poor kids going to underfunded black colleges.....he doesn't understand that when I went to school at a black college...many came there the first in their family to attend college, were dirt poor and some even needed remedial courses to bridge the gap from their sorry azz school system.....and as so far as the inner city charities.....they do not aid middle class blacks...the help the if he can truly look at that list and think that no poor blacks were helped to get on their feet.....then he truly has a learning and comprehension Kevin41

...more likely, blindness on the part of a Kevin41. Visit any inner-city such as Harlem, Detroit, South Central, Compton, etc., and little if any evidence exists to where millions are being invested by any Michael Jackson in these areas.

The business owners are not even Black, so thus, again the information shared is not valid, in the sense that very little of the millions in U.S. dollars or its equivalent, spent by any charitable organizations have touched the lives of the inhabitants of any South Central Los Angeles, Detroit, Oakland, East St. Louis, Harlem, Baltimore, etc.

Heck, the management of most all charitable organizations take their cut of the top first, before the first dollar reaches the indigent, the needy, etc.

"......and by the way....some of those same people are now engineers, scientists invloved with physics, nurses, professors and have reached back and sent their siblings and others to colleges and now give the same chance to others they were given....which is the greatest thing blacks can do for each other........" by Kevin41

......and few of these individuals set up shop in the "hood", or the individuals receiving the benefits rarely come from the "Hood". More likely the Black middleclass, Caucasians, friends of the Black middleclass have benefited. The masses who remain, rarely, if at all see any benefit.

Don't take my word for it. All an individual would need to do is visit a South Central Los Angeles, a Compton, Harlem, Detroit, East St. Louis, etc., and it would be very evident from the dire poverty conditions that millions of dollars from any Michael Jackson, or otherwise are not reaching these individuals. In many inner-city communities predominated by Black people, the business owners are not not even Black. The local merchants and business owners are Hispanic, Jewish, Korean, Arab, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc., while their customer base is primarily Black people.

Those so called university educated that Kevin41 speaks about are not returning to any South Central Los Angeles, Compton, Baltimore, Detroit, etc., to invest in any inner-city, which further proves, that Kevin41's diatribe is not the reality of it!

Just ask the people who live in these areas, how much of a financial benefit, that Michael Jackson, Black celebrities, and/or the Black middleclass in Black nurses, doctors, and engineers, have been to the residents of any inner-city, in any Compton, South Central, Watts, etc., etc.

I'm willing to bet their answers will be very different from the misinformation as shared by Kevin41.

The Black administrators, doctors, and nurses at "Killer/King" Hospital, which is in the heart of "Watts" are being fired, being forced to resign, etc., do to their tendency to be unethical, sleazy, blatantly incompetent, etc., so much so, that the Feds have threatened to remove funds from Martin Luther King Hospital.

The blatant incompetence of many of these individuals has resulted in numerous malpractice lawsuits, unwarranted deaths of numerous hospital patients, etc., etc.

Los Angeles County has been forced to rid itself of such incompetence or lose funding for Martin Luther King Hospital, and the Charles Drew Medical School.

Yep, it is definitely a misnomer to say, imply, or even believe that any of these individuals, in any Michael Jackson, Black doctor, Black engineer, etc., etc., have been of any value to inner-city residents.


Michael Lofton
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