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Originally posted by Kevin41:
Now imagine how you sound....... nono lol

....same response,

The masses of Black people live in the inner-city, and very little of Michael's assets even touched the lives of Black inner-city residents.

Furthermore, more times than not, his charitable donations have been used to promote Caucasian causes and not Black people.

Michael Jackson, the child molester, did not associate with Black people, or even think about spending his millions in any Black community, when he was riding high.

Shaq O'neil is one of few, if any, of our Black celebrities, who has actually invested his earnings in the "Hood" to:

A. Create jobs for Black people who reside in the inner-city.

B. Improve the quality of life of Black inner-city residents.

C. be used as a source of revenue to finance business opportunities of all forms in the inner-city.

Michael Jackson's millions have yet to be used for either purpose A, B and/or C, thus the above diatribe as shared by Kevin41, is a myth, because very little of Michael Jackson's millions have touched the lives of truly oppressed Black people, the Black disadvantaged, the Black indigent, the Black homeless, the Black family structure, and/or the many Black university educated and Black working class who seek just one gainful employment to keep from using criminal activity to exist, etc., etc.

If it were not for Michael Jackson being faced with criminal indictment, for yet one more child molestation criminal indictment, Michael Jackson would not have had even the slightest interest in any thought of having any connection to the Black community.

.....and Michael Jackson is definitely not in the running for being one of the truly oppressed of Black America. as for loving the ground that Caucasians walk on, there is not a better living specimen, the specimen being wishing he could be something that he will never be Caucasian wanna be Michael Jackson.


Michael Lofton
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