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Reply to "They are going after Chris Rock now: Chris Rock's poisonous legacy"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Evidently, you haven't seen much of Chris Rock's routines.  He's said a lot more than one joke.    


Chris Rocks was kissing White ass the moment he pulled thatRacist Propaganda Model out of his ass to get points with racist Whites at the expense of the Black race.  Hell, the Racist Propaganda Model is so prevalent and such a proven method of 'career', (especially political career) advancement, that it has even been used by Asians and many, many grimy and/or sold out Black people.  


And any criticism from Garvey was truly constructive criticism for the benefit of the entire Black race globally, and not at the expense of Black people for his own calculated, selfish gain.  


What other joke Chris Rock has done that is similar to the Niggas vs Black people...


You can't find it because he said he doesn't do it anymore. And I personally think the joke is perfectly fine, because it's in our culture to make a distinction ANYWAY.


He didn't say nothing that most Black people over the age of 30 thinks about Black people anyway they don't like anyway. 


Even you, yourself makes a difference.


But see, everything changes when White people get to see something, a trade secret about Black people that White people already know probably because some other Black person have told them. 


This is why Black people need to stop being hypocritical about everything.


Black people can get on stage and talk all types of shit about Whites and Latinos and Asians...soon as somebody say something about us on Twitter or take Blackface, we mad. Next thing you know, we starting a Hashtag and a Twitter campaign. 


Black people go around making all types of differences been Black people, Niggas, Negroes and soon as Chris Rock do it - we mad.


What's the difference between calling somebody a Coon and the Chris Rock joke? What's the difference between Tariq's treatment of Tommy Sotomayor and the Chris Rock joke? What's the difference between Black Nationalists calling other Black people Negroes as a pejorative and Chris Rock's Joke?


There's no difference whatsoever. All it is, is us, picking out a class of Black people we don't like, for whatever reason and talking a racial epithet and calling them that racial epithet.  We do it to each other all the time.


Only thing is, Chris Rock did it and White people found it funny. Now we mad because White people started seeing us as we see ourselves. White people watch what we say and what we do. 


The hypocrisy in Black cultural political thought and action is dumb. 


Personally I don't make a distinction and I don't even like the use of racial epithets and the like as class division because I think it's stupid. (I am still trying to find another phrase for "cooning".) Black elitism is an oxymoron. 


But I am not going to be all up in arms over Chris Rock or any other famous Black person doing it when we do it ALL THE TIME EVERYDAY. 


Plus Chris Rock got the inspiration from an Ice Cube song that raps about the same thing he talked about.



Anyway, it's not very smart to take the White man's bait in any situation.

I would never ever ever ever, no matter what a Black person did or say, side with the White man. 


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