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Reply to "They are going after Chris Rock now: Chris Rock's poisonous legacy"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:
Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Screw Chris Rock, because he deserves to be brought down, because of the fact that he used the Racist Propaganda Model of criticize, hate on, disgrace and demonize Black people, to catapult his little second-rate, D-list career in the first place.


He said ONE JOKE and in the same routine talked about how Poor Whites BLAME US for everything.


I mean hell, Marcus Garvey said worst shit about Black people.


Louis Farrakhan says way worse.


There's a difference between criticism and just straight up regurgitated crap like "Black people don't read books because it's acting white."


We cannnot become sensitiive to the point, we don't allow criticism and anything and everything that is against the consenus which is not even dictated by us, is cooning.


White people have noticed the purging going on and now they are just tossing us a bone and seeing if we gonna bite.


When the last time Chris Rock did a joke like that?


He stopped doing jokes like that the same reason Dave Chappelle turned down 50 million, White people start thinking they can treat us however they wanted and the brothers criticism and observations turned into something else, so they promptly stopped.


And these brothers would criticise Whites ALL THE TIME.


Pretty soon in our population we gonna just have Yes Men given to us by White liberals due to his zeal to spot a coon, mostly just out of maintaining self esteem.


So no, Chris Rock doesn't need his career ruined, because he is one of the few, that don't kiss White man ass. 


Evidently, you haven't seen much of Chris Rock's routines.  He's said a lot more than one joke.    


Chris Rocks was kissing White ass the moment he pulled thatRacist Propaganda Model out of his ass to get points with racist Whites at the expense of the Black race.  Hell, the Racist Propaganda Model is so prevalent and such a proven method of 'career', (especially political career) advancement, that it has even been used by Asians and many, many grimy and/or sold out Black people.  


And any criticism from Garvey was truly constructive criticism for the benefit of the entire Black race globally, and not at the expense of Black people for his own calculated, selfish gain.  

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