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They are going after Chris Rock now: Chris Rock's poisonous legacy


In 1996, Chris Rock told a joke. Granted, he told a number of jokes, because he’s a comedian and that’s literally his job. But he only told one joke that would come to serve as the basis of analysis for a generation of would-be sociologists and pseudo-black-intellectuals everywhere.


“I love black people, but I hate n–gers.”

The joke here being that there is a subset of black people that are gleefully uneducated, take pride in their criminal activities, and serve as the clumsy sidekick in black America’s plan for liberation. If it weren’t for them, the n–gers, we’d all be free.

“I hide my money in books. Why? Because n–gers don’t read.”

The n–gers aren’t just unworthy of basic levels of respect, they deserve open contempt and ridicule. Because, well, just look at them!

On the strength of this joke, the centerpiece of his HBO special “Bring the Pain,” Chris Rock became a household name, and the “black people vs. n–gers” debate became as divisive as Malcolm vs. Martin.





Chris Rock criticizing Black people does not = Respectability, Responsiblity Politics. Chris Rock said he will never do that joke again because of how Whites reacted to it.

One of his most controversial bits, "Niggas vs. Black People" from his 1996 special "Bring The Pain," is also one of his most beloved, though he has backed off of performing it since. As Rock later told 60 Minutes, "By the way, I've never done that joke again, ever, and I probably never will. 'Cos some people that were racist thought they had license to say nigger. So, I'm done with that routine."



Chris Rock actually talks about Whites. 


Look, this is an operation. Don't fall for it. This is psy ops. 


Chris Rock talking about Blacks success and White success. 


Chris Rock talking about poor White people in the same special he did his Niggers vs Black people bit


Chris Rock talking about White Wealth and Black/Latino Wealth and Drugs


Chris Rock Independence Day Joke

Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks



White liberals and their Black henchmen are full of shit.


Chris Rock is a great Black man, that actually is a fair and balanced and racially aware.


They are trying to tear him down over a joke that he said he would never ever do again. 


For what?


Because that's their next target and they trying to stir up resentment.


Don't fall for it. Stand by Chris Rock because he is gonna need it. 



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